Data protection


As a not for profit organisation, Standish Voice is not required to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office. It does adhere to the principles of the Data Protection Act and pledges keep the personal details of members safe.

On becoming a member of Standish Voice, members agree to give us their name, address, email address (if they have one) and can also give us their telephone number. We will only use this information as part of the functioning of Standish Voice and members will only be contacted via email and/or telephone to give information on the organisation’s activities or other information Standish Voice believes is of interest to members. These personal details will not be given to any outside organisation and will be kept on a secure database maintained and supervised by the Membership Secretary.

Any Standish Voice member can ask for their membership to be terminated at any time. Members can also ask what personal details are held on them, for their personal details to be removed from the database and ask that Standish Voice not contact them by email and/or telephone. This can be done at any time and a request will be actioned within 72 hours of Standish Voice receiving that request.

To do this, please email the Membership Secretary at Any complaints or questions about personal details we hold and data protection should be directed via email to the Membership Secretary. If a satisfactory response is not given, please email Standish Voice’s Chair at the same email address outlining the inquiry. A log will be made of inquiries pertaining to data protection.

If you have any questions about this policy or data protection, please email Standish Voice at the address above.